Wednesday 18 June 2014

World Cup Digi's x

Hiya, hope you're all having a lovely week :-D I've had a few enquiries to see if I would be able to do some World Cup digi's in this month's batch - I had hoped to launch these last week but I'm afraid that the flags took longer to draw than anticipated :-) 

The stamps are available now - there is a girl and a boy option and all of the 32 flags have been drawn so you can add your chosen flag to your digi before you print it out to colour or just print out and attach the flag by hand if you prefer :-) 

I have broken the digi's down into the 8 World Cup groups on Etsy so each stamp has 4 flags included (as I didn't want to downsize all of the flags onto 1 PNG page and loose the image quality). If you do get a digi and would like to have all of the 32 flags - rather than just the 4 flags in your group - just let me know and I can get them emailed over to you) My email address for contact is 

Hope you enjoy the rest of the month - see you on the 1st for the next challenge, love, Em xx

Some gorgeous inspiration from our lovely Laura :-) :


  1. What a fab idea - love them! Just ordered one boy and one girl digi, so off to email you for the rest of the flags - thanks for that idea!
    Mandy x